EU consumer rights campaign for displaced Ukrainians - join us

The Polish Consumer Federation - Federacja Konsumentów, the Aquila Consumer Protection Association and the European Commission are joining forces to promote consumer rights to displaced Ukrainians living in Poland. The campaign ‘EU Consumer Rights for Displaced Ukrainians’ is a joint initiative of the European Commission and national Consumer Organisations. By working at grassroots level together with organisations helping displaced Ukrainians, we hope to improve the daily lives of Ukrainians who have fled the war.

Six countries The campaign is being rolled out in Germany, Poland, Czechia, Spain, Italy and Bulgaria. Our partners We have joined up with partners who work directly with displaced Ukrainians to design activities that are relevant to the Ukrainians living in our country.

As part of the Campaign:

  • we will prepare templates of letters and consumer complaints (current after the change in regulations on January 1, 2023),
  • we will create a series of short webinars on basic issues of consumer law,
  • we will prepare printed materials in the form of leaflets, which we will distribute widely.
  • educational campaign addressed to refugee women from Ukraine „Don’t be invisible”, inaugurated in connection with the publication of the report of the Consumer Federation conducted in partnership with the Ukrainka Foundation in Poland – information about the #Dontbeinvisible campaign can be found HERE
  • website, which is an online tool that generates consumer advice tailored to your specific situation – the website is available by clicking HERE

Help Ukrainians around Poland, share the website on your social media and use the hashtags: #EUConsumerRights and #StandWithUkraine

These images can be used on social media:

The animations cover the six rights and are designed for use on social media.


This leaflet is available for printing and for use online.


This A1 poster can be used in support centres for displaced Ukrainians.

Banners for the website

Want to help advertise the campaign on your website? Use this branded banner.   

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