I am a consumer - basic knowledge useful on the market

Do you know how to make a complaint? Have you bought a product that you use after just a few months? Are you ordering a service? Are you wondering whether the purchased product complies with the contract or is it defective? Don't know when to use the warranty? Or maybe you want to know what the words "best before" mean. ….. on food packaging?

You will find all the answers in the short videos on our playlist.

Basic consumer rights - playlist

You can turn on subtitles in Ukrainian.

List of topics/videos:
1. Green assurances on product packaging
2. Withdrawal from a distance contract
3. Traditional sales - withdrawal from the contract
4. Warranty and seller's liability
5. Cosmetics - labeling
6. In-game purchases
7. Buy now - pay later
8. Dangers on the Internet
9, Complaint rejected
10. Safe investing
11. Purchases from an individual
12. Cheated by the bank
13. Warranty
14. Buying toys
15. Rational purchasing – best to consume before….
16. Withdrawal from a distance contract - exceptions
17. Seller's liability - what you can demand
18. Non-conformity of the goods with the contract – what to do?
19. Seller's liability - rules
20. Purchase with credit

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